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Your Holiday Pleasure is Our Concern !

Triba-East, one of the Malaysia Travel Agency, we believe that travel should feel like a luxury, not a chore. Traveling is a lifestyle for everyone now, and it shall be able to change our life for the better. We wish To Inspire all with traveling ideas, To Impress you and your clients with professional arrangement, To Cheer your families and friends up for the heart-fulness holidays,To Pride our teams and partners for excellent teamwork!
Traveling throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe and SEA regions is very common, planning the trip, however, isn't always the same joy, thus for an astounding journey and an extra ordinary plan of itinerary, Triba East is your number one travel agency for Malaysians to travel with. The online presence is ready to serve everyone in providing hassle free holidays before, after and throughout the journey.
Together with the travellers, we developing sense of own self by opening our eyes to the richness of the world’s scenery, lifestyle and culture. In such, either to plan and to travel, we help promoting tolerance, acceptance and creates a world of balance and beauty. Amusement park hopping in Singapore? Riding hot air balloons in Taiwan? Or how about swimming skydiving and playing with koalas in Australia? With all of these destinations and experiences opened up to you, with a reduced cost, will ensure your trip is far more enjoyable than if any other agent did the work for you.
Tour packages, attraction tickets, car rental, airport transport and transfers, insurance, pocket wifi rental and so much more is available to you through us. Plus, our tour packages are personalised to meet individual and group needs as we understand how aggravating in can be when the taxi doesn’t come or a lack of wifi keeps you from posting your adventures on social media.
What is important to you is important to us. That is why every package has a complete cost breakdown, so you know the cost of the trip piece-by-piece. Your tours, cruises, parties, and other excursions will be intelligently set-up to help you get the most out of every single minute.
Budget how you wish. Splurge when you want. This is your journey, conveniently making your online trip planning here with secure payment gateway to ensure you receive the best price in four different currencies: MYR, AUD, USD, and SGD.
Thanks to the accessibility provided by e-commerce, Malaysians, Asians, and worldwide travelers alike can enrich their lives and travel to their fullest potential. So, what are you waiting for? Check out what Triba East offers and catch your share of wanderlust. We'll be delighted to help you reach your next travel destination!