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2004 Triba-East Founded as an event & travel planning company.
2007-2013 Became an full fledged travel agency under Malaysia Ministry of Tourism, providing full range of travel products ad services of Inbound, Outbound and Ticketing. Actively participate in Matta Fair Kuala Lumpur. Focused on providing  personalised travel services to luxury and high expectation travellers for corporate and business traveling, family getaway and honeymoon.
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2015 Triba East Online Precense successfully created direct and indirect conversion and transaction. Our brand has been established over the most influencing online market places, travel packages and services category in specific.We won the award of Rising Star on Korean's famous market place in Malaysia ~ for our extra ordinary performance in sales by providing world wide entrance tickets of theme parks and attractions, JR Passes, Visa application and WIFI as well as DIY Day Tours series, etc.
2016 -2019 With enthusiasm and passion, we continue provide ocean wide fun to sky limits joyful activities to enrich everyone's vacation.

Award (A) : Top 10 Export GMV Achiver @MYCYBERSALE 2017

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Award (B) : Top 3 Merchant for Travel @MYCYBERSALE 2017

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Traveling is a lifestyle for everyone.

We wish To Inspire all

with traveling ideas,

To Impress you and your clients

with professional arrangement,

To Cheer your families and friends up

for the heart-fulness holidays,

To Pride our teams and partners

for excellent teamwork !

Triba East Travel

The Golden Team

We grow from Zero to infinities. Pursuing our dream enthusiastically

Triba East Xinyi Fong Graduated as an social science student became an licensed tour guide in Malaysia years back, founded Triba-East in year 2004 to materialise the dream to explore the world and keep discovery the fun of traveling. Been passion and being innovative to inspire one to travel in style. An idealist and perfectionist by nature.Friendly and unexpected.
Sunny See at Triba East Graduated in Berjaya University College of Tourism Management in 2013. Would like to explore on new activities and believe traveling is the best part of the life learning experience. Strike to simplify the process to increase hassle-free traveling experience to everyone. 
Ky Chua at Triba East TravelAn enthusiastic youngster who has passion about travelling, join the industry right after graduation. Inspired by movies and photography, always believe joyful experience, can be shared by great photography while  traveling, wish to help every one to create a memorable and happy holiday !      

Triba East Travel

Chat with us now for your holiday planning and inspired by exciting ideas to explore any destination with your team, your family, your loved one and your buddies...      

Romance Getaway ~ Our Signature Honeymoon Packages @Bali

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Our Signature Honeymoon & Family Fun Packages @Hua Hin

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Triba East TravelTriba East Travel

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