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delivery Project

This project aims to offer delivery service to local farmers and small food enterprises deliver their homemade products to their customer. In the mean time, Triba-East Travel utilize its website to facilitate them channel out their goods and provides an alternative to the public. Staff of Triba-East Travel offer the helping hand to take up the delivery services during this low-travel season.

Triba-East Travel appreciate and willing to give out RM30 instant rebate travel voucher as reward for every supportive customer who placing veggie box order in this project. The rebate voucher is applicable to the travel packages listed on tribaeast.com for year 2021.

standard operating procedure for delivery Services

During the delivery process, we strive for our own safety and we hope that all parties to cooperate:

A. Contact-less delivery
Step 1-The delivery man will contact you by phone. Please instruct us where to put the parcel down, such as: in front of your door / guard house or other

Step 2-The delivery man will notify you that the parcel will put at the designated place safely.

B. Face to face
Step 1-When you collect the parcel face to face, please remember wear mask & gloves. If no, please handle and wash your hands immediately.

Step 2-Remember keep a safe social distance from the delivery man (at least 1.5 meters apart). If the delivery man put the package on the ground to ensure zero contact, please forgive us.

Regardless of the method, it is recommended after receiving the parcel, directly discard the outer package & do not use it. Take out the items that you bought & dispose of them. For example, washed the fruits & put in the refrigerator, the vegetables can be repack with new plastic wrap, etc.

The above steps are just some suggestions & recommendations to further strengthen each other's security measures. Sorry for any inconvenience.