Summer Sonic Osaka 2018

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Japan Summer Sonic Osaka 2017 800×400

Summer Sonic is back and this year will be bigger than ever! The lineup contains many Japanese rock musicians from both major and indie record companies, and also international acts. It also operates the festival Sonicmania, with an EDM focus, since 2011. Summer Sonic is an independent festival, The festival is held simultaneously in Chiba and Osaka, with acts switching days – so you won’t miss out, whichever you choose.


Opening Hours:

    • Door open 10am, event start from 11am at Maishima Sports Island, here’s the location map.
    • For exact operation hour, updated program schedules please refer to the official website of Summer Sonic and linesup updates please refer here.

Ticket Information :

    • Choices of 1day or 2days tickets.
    • QR-Code on phone or printed voucher to exchange for Entrance Wrist Band at the entrance ticketing counter.

House rules :

    • Customers are permitted to bring compact digital cameras, cell phones that can take photos, only for the purpose of personal viewing. All professional-caliber cameras are prohibited. In the case of legal confliction arises relating to audio and/or visual recording using any form of recorders/devices, of any individuals including but not limited to performers, audience, and/or public and private facilities, the responsibility shall strictly fall onto the person who acted. The event organizers will under no circumstances become involved.
    • Any items prohibited by the event organizers may not be brought inside the venue, and will be confiscated at entrance.
    • Carrying any articles/items that are considered dangerous and/or illegal into the venues is strictly forbidden, and in some cases, the event organizers shall have the right to ask the person with the item to leave the event site without refund.
    • Please be responsible for your own belongings.
    • Cooling boxes, parasols, mats, cans, bottles and flammables (e.g. fireworks) are prohibited.
    • Plastic bottles are allowed to bring inside the venues under the following conditions:

– cannot be thrown onto the stages
– ”indoor stages” and “arena of the outdoor stages” only allow water in plastic bottles to be brought in. All other beverages including juices, alcohol must be enjoyed outside stage-area.

    • Pets are not allowed within the venue, with the exception of service dogs, however the owner of the service dogs must be aware that there are limitations to admissions accordingly.
    • Baby strollers can be brought inside the venues, however there are limitations to admissions accordingly.
    • Persons who cause trouble at the site, or who ignore the instructions by the event organizers, will be forcibly ejected from the festival and will not be issued refunds under any circumstances.
    • The event organizers, artists and the venues will under no circumstances be held responsible for accidents or thefts occurring inside and outside of the venues.
    • Dangerous acts such as diving and moshing are prohibited.
    • The event organizers will not be held responsible for injuries suffered by way of negligence of personal safety. The event organizers will see to first aid and arrange emergency services in case of injuries caused by prohibited dangerous acts such as diving and moshing, but will thereafter not be held responsible. Furthermore, if such accidents involve a third party, it is the responsibility of all parties concerned to find ensuing action toward legal revisions. The event organizers will under no circumstances intervene or become involved in troubleshooting in such instances.
    • The event organizers, performers or venues will not be held responsible for any accidents, mishaps or injuries occurring inside and outside of the venues. We must ask you to take responsibility for your own actions.
    • Due to the Japanese law, attendees under 18 must return to home/accommodation by 11pm.
    • persons found entering the event unlawfully will be taken into police custody for whatever the reasons, and compensation for such actions will be charged.
    • Each event issues each and respective tickets to enter, and therefore Tokyo venue/ Osaka venue/ SONICMANIA do NOT share tickets.
    • Ticket is required for anybody who is older than 5 years old, and per child under 12 years old must be accompanied by at least by one adult, a parent or a guardian, and there are certain areas children cannot enter.
    • Purchaser of the tickets shall NOT re-sell, transfer, auction off the tickets. One-apiece ticket cannot be shared by multiple persons. If such acts are discovered, the persons concerned will be forcibly ejected from the event.
    • Tickets are only valid on the days/venues printed on them.
    • When tickets are sold out, there will be no tickets sold at the door. Please purchase the tickets in advance.
    • Tickets will be fastened to wristbands upon entrance.
    • Lost or broken wristbands will not be re-issued, therefore no re-entry.
    • All information submitted to purchase tickets will be forwarded to the event organizers.
    • In the event of cancellation due to natural disasters, tickets will not be refunded, and all the costs associated with this cancellation such as travel expense to the sites will not be compensated.
    • Any official merchandise sold in the venues may not be exchanged or returned after purchase except defective items.
    • The event will take place for long hours. It is your responsibility to make certain of one’s physical well-being. Please bring clothing suited for all weather including comfortable footwear (Platform shoes or heels may cause falls), and pay attention to any symptoms of illness, heat and sun exposure.
    • Due to limitations in parking space around the venues, we advise you to take public transportation measures.
    • Please dispose trash according to its recycled category, and do not trash the streets.
    • Please smoke only in the designated areas.
    • Please respect the communities and neighbourhood around the venues, and refrain from actions disregarding the neighbors including but not limited to; causing unnecessary noises, destroying public/private property/ wildlife, and parking illegally (which may hamper the mobility of emergency vehicles), and littering.
    • Overnight camping in the vicinity of the venues is strictly prohibited.

How To Use :

  • Upon payment made, you will receive the confirmation email of purchase with Order Number. Please kindly keep the Order Number for your reference. The E-Tickets/Vouchers will be sending to you 3 days before your departure.
  • Please Print and present the E-Tickets/Voucher at the ticketing counter of the attraction or the Guide for your tours or that Hotel that you booked to stay. For products that the QR Code is provided, please download it to your smart phone for scanning at the entrance of the attraction.
  • Please refer to our final notes on “How To Use” in the email together with the E-Tickets/Vouchers.
  • Please correspondence with our Customer Service 1700 81 6671 or WhatsApp to +60123281900 for emergency assistance



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