[Japan] Tokyo Tower Main Observatory + Tokyo One Piece Tower

For the first time in “ONE PIECE” history!! A large-scale theme park!! The Straw Hat Pirates have claimed the symbol of Tokyo, Tokyo Tower, as their own! The one and only place where you can experience attractions, restaurants, and shops where you can purchase limited-edition items. The Straw Hat Pirates are waiting for you with tons of adventures in store!!
Some of the attractions inside the park include; Nami’s Casino, Luffy’s Endless Adventures. Usopp’s Ball Shooting Game, Brook’s Horror House, and the Soul Edge of Zoro. There’s also live stage show where the performance and actions by the pirates crew will be recreated in front of you!
The third installment for the Tokyo ONE PIECE Tower’s popular live attraction was created under the supervision of original author Eiichiro Oda!
Tokyo Tower Main Observatory at the height of 150 meters, covered with panoramic view of the vast landscape of Tokyo – one of the leading metropolitan areas in the world.


Opening Hours:

    • Tokyo Tower Main Observatory 09:30am – 22:00pm.
    • Tokyo One Piece Tower 10:00am – 22:00pm.
    • For exact operation hour, updated program schedules and maintenance in progress, please refer to the official website.


Ticket Information :

    • Tokyo Tower Main Observatory admission ticket
    • Tokyo One Piece Tower admission ticket, includes attractions as below
      – 360Log Theatre – “The World of ONE PIECE”
      – Luffy’s Endless Adventure
      – Zoro’s Soul Of Edge
      – Nami’s Casino House
      – Usopp’s Road To Sogeking
      – Chopper’s Thousand.Sunny Tours
      – Robin’s Finding Ponegliff
      – Franky’s Ball Run
      – Brook’s Horror House
      – Tongari Island Photo Spot


How To Use :

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