[Vietnam] 4D3N Hey Phu Quoc (All In)

Triba East Travel Xinyi Fong“Imagine yourself laying on hammock on Phu Quoc Island beaches, tropical cocktails on your right hand with windy weather at the afternoon of weekend, I can assure you that it have to be the best vacation ever!! Phu Quoc Island is the hidden gem of Vietnam. Its pristine natural habitat & marine lives, come along untouched coastline make it the best vacation destination for your dream of travel wonderlust. With greatest artist developed plenty of Instagram-worthy hotspot for all of you to take the best picture. Come & visit Phu Quoc Island before it get viral!”




Arrival in Phu Quoc Island (BBQ Buffet Dinner)

  • Warmest Welcome
  • Visit Ho Quoc Temple, A new Buddhist temple that situated along the eastern coast overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.Best places to watch the sunrise in Phu Quoc.
  • Chill at Sky Bar Panorama View of Phu Quoc, enjoy sunset at the open air coffee bar, overlook whole Phu Quoc Island with spectacular beach view. Free 1 Complimentary Drink
  • Dinh Cao Temple, Along the beach stand still on the rock. Fishermen will get for blessing before sailing.
  • Transfer to hotel check in.


Hey Phu Quoc (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

  • Enjoy 2 hours Pearl Spa Experience (90min Full Body Massage & Foot Massage, Steam & Jacuzzi Hot & Cold Pool Bath.
  • Visit Ngam Chin Rock Island Sunset Bar + 1 Signature+Drink.
  • After breakfast, visit Can Cau River, enjoy Basket Boat Show Performance will be held beside the river bay, professional sailors riding on basket boat with costume, performing difficult stunts. Flower Garlands will be given for your and put into the river, .et the the glimpse of candle lights shine out the river.


South Island Discovery (Breakfast/Lunch)

  • Visit & take a ride The World Longest Cable Car to Pineapple Island crossing the sea and giving you the best perspective of viewing Phu Quoc.
  • Sunworld Hon Thom Nature Park. arriving at Pineapple Island (Hon Tham), the largest island with a total of 4,000 inhabitants. Enjoy sunbathing at the beach.
  • Visit Coconut Tree Prison & War Memorial, witness and explore French style prison used to imprisoned communist soldiers 40,000 back in Vietnam Wars.
  • Visit Sim Wine Farm authentic local winery produces sim wine, a type of wine made with local fruits (Rose Mytrle Tree). Drinking sim wine, helps with fatigue aide digestion, and reduce join pains.
  • Visit Duong Dong Night Market + Seafood Street a must visit Night Market that offering a plethora of dining and shopping opportunities until late.Street long market with about 100 stalls, more than half of which sell fresh seafood, street snacks, and beverages at affordable prices.


Phu Quoc Organic Discovery – Departure (Breakfast)

After breakfast, free at own leisure. Transfer to airport for departure.



抵达富国岛 -南.香岛(BBQ烧烤自助晚餐)

  • 司导机场迎接
  • 前往萨南朵夕阳海滩浪漫8景,岛上最迷人网红自拍景点,特别是日落时分。
    • 守门人 – 两副半张脸像,搭配日落可是富国沙滩上最显摆的网拍热点
    • 糖果天梯 – 走过,看过,千万别错过五彩缤纷通往蓝天的天梯, 富国萨娜朵海滩另一热门景点!
    • 长脚大象 – 强势创造在水面上的长脚大象,正是你和夕阳最好的写照 !
    • 龙之穴 – 竹制圆拱顶,门口对海及夕阳,网拍可别错过。
    • 奇异竹林 – 设有艺术气息的3座竹制雕塑品,保证您的网红旅拍梦迈向一大步。
    • 竹林酒吧 – 沙滩酒吧有贩卖小吃及饮料可购买。
  • 自由穿梭于阳东夜市+海鲜街 有超过 100家摊档沿着武氏秀街两个路边摊, 主要服务于食品和各种各样的手工艺制品 . 您可以享受特别的晚餐的美味新鲜的菜肴海鲜。



  • 前往海星沙滩让人动不已的浪漫海星沙滩,铺满红色海星,脚踝高度的浅水,让您尽兴的探索富国岛的潜在魅力。
  • 前往Cua Can 河,欣赏篮子船特技表演 。观赏传统神话角色表演。乘搭篮子船抵达河中央,夜入后点燃水上灯笼摆入河中,以点燃幽美河岸。
  •  早餐后,开启南边跳岛之旅游,乘搭快艇出海浮潜+钓海鱼章鱼活动。
    • 梅茹岛(May Rut 岛) 拥有原始之美的海滩,白细沙滩,银色浪花,常年温暖的清澈海水以及充满诗意的椰子树与沙滩完美地结合,这里适合爱宁静空间的游客。
    • 野鸽岛(Gam Ghi 岛)让你享受阳光灿烂的假期的理想的下榻之地。给你完美的时刻让自己沉浸在富国岛天堂。
    • 指甲岛(指甲岛) 誉为越南马尔代夫天堂。原始的海滩、细腻的白沙、清澈透底的海水让游客陶醉。
  • 前往白沙滩游泳或自费水上活动, 7公里长的白色沙滩和蔚蓝海岸,弯曲像月亮一样的美仑美奂细沙,一定满足您的追寻美景的心。
  • 自由休闲晚餐自


南岛。海阔天空浮潜海钓体验 (早/自助午餐)

  • 海珍珠生态展馆,参观珍珠养殖,保育,采取过程将细腻解说。 在展示厅里可购买当地珍珠首饰珠宝,珍珠保养产品及其他富国岛之宝。
  • 乘搭世界第一跨海缆车往香岛,遥望一望无际的海景,清澈油绿的海水。
  • 抵达香岛自然生态公园漫游景区,溜达在美丽沙滩上。
  • 参观椰子林监狱,了解当年古法式监狱所经历的故事,这所监狱当年关上了上40,000共产党囚犯。
  • 前往白沙滩游泳或自费水上活动, 7公里长的白色沙滩和蔚蓝海岸,弯曲像月亮一样的美仑美奂细沙,一定满足您的追寻美景的心。
  • 观光护国寺,岛上最大的一座寺庙,维护地很好。位于富国岛东面遥望南中国海,据说是个风水宝地。
  • 自由休闲晚餐自理。


送往机场。旅途愉快 (早餐)

  • 享用早餐后,自由时间。送往机场,旅途愉快


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    • 23 Nov 2019: RM 1899/pax
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    • 24 Oct, 28 Nov, 5/6/12/19 Dec 2019: RM 2099/pax
    • 30 Jan, 26 Mar 2020: RM 2099/pax
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    • 29 Dec 2019: RM 2499/pax


Package Includes:

  • Return international flight tickets with airport tax and 20kg luggage allowance.
  • Airport – Hotel – Airport transfer
  • 3 nights hotel accommodation with 3-4* hotel
  • Tour arrangement, meals, entrance tickets as per itinerary.


How to use:

  • Upon payment made, you will receive the confirmation email of purchase with Order Number. Please kindly keep the Order Number for your reference. The E-Tickets/Vouchers will be sending to you 3 days before your departure.
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  • Please correspondence with our Customer Service 1700 81 6671 or WhatsApp to +60123281900 for emergency assistance.
  • Please correspondence with our Customer Service 1700 81 6671 or WhatsApp to +60123281900 for emergency assistance.




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